We know that summer is finally here because it hasn’t snowed in Golden this week, giving us the opportunity to look back at some recent successes in our local world of entrepreneurs, and look ahead to some upcoming events.

RVC Event

Golden recently hosted The Wright, a three-day celebration of the outdoor industry that included education, panel discussions and an awards night. Given the importance of the outdoor industry on the Colorado lifestyle and economy, Rockies Venture Club is hosting a special Signature Series event next week to focus exclusively on Outdoor Recreation and Technology.

RVC Event Details

Golden Angels

Over the last 18 months, Golden has successfully built an active angel investor group that provides Rockies Venture Club with a Jeffco presence, and offers local founders a forum to present their investment opportunity. Industries this year have included women’s health, assistive technology, healthcare and medical equipment – providing investors with the chance to invest in companies that are making a difference, and providing early stage founders with the capital needed to grow. The next meeting will be on June 19 at the School of Mines.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the School of Mines

The past academic year marked major progress in E&I at Mines with new courses, several innovation competitions and students developing innovative solutions to problems that matter. Students have been able to apply their exceptional brainpower and problem-solving skills to develop creative, practical solutions for a variety of industries and companies.

Companies interested in having students tackle some of their most difficult problems have participated in classes and benefited from the fresh perspective of students. In addition, experienced executives have attended classes as mentors to provide a sounding board and resource to students to enhance the learning experience. If you or your company are interested in participating in the next academic year, please email startup@traxion.co.

A Semester Recap

Hacking For Defense

CSM was one of a small number of universities approved by the Department of Defense to have student teams develop solutions to problems that affect national security and other priorities for government agencies. The teams did an outstanding job in developing solutions for four government agencies, and were able to present them in person at a special end of semester event. Two of the teams are going to continue to work on their solutions to provide the government agencies with additional help and to pursue potential commercialization.

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Thanks to everyone who continues to support local startups as an advisor, team member, investor or professional services provider!