Summer Startup Activities & Opportunities

The summer temperatures are still hot, and there’s a lot of activity heating up in the world of startups.


Golden-based Vartega, which has developed a proprietary process for carbon fiber recycling, had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their new manufacturing facility in late July, which was attended by several hundred people.  CEO Andrew Maxey and his team offered tours and provided an overview of their business model. 

Details about the event can be found here. Vartega is currently raising a Series A and has a term sheet committed. See to learn more.

 Fall Investor Forums

The “Golden Angels,” the Jeffco-based chapter of the Rockies Venture Club, will resume its monthly investor forums in September.  Each month, two founders present their investment opportunity to a group of accredited investors.  Fall dates are September 25, October 22 and December 3. 

 September Registration

 In addition, we’re pleased to announce that the Colorado Capital Conference is moving to Golden, and will be hosted by the Buffalo Rose on November 13.  This full-day event brings together speakers, companies and investors from around the state, as well as some national guests, with a focus on early stage investing in Colorado. More Info Here

 Resources for Web-Based Platforms or Tech Startups

We have been working closely with Raika Technologies, a Jeffco company that has developed two programs to support founders with business concepts for an app or web-based platform.  In their first program, the Raika team works with the founder to develop a prototype that can be used with potential customers to get feedback on the core concept and how they would use it – before spending tens of thousands of dollars on complete development. 

With their second program, Raika builds out the technology, and also supports the founder with fleshing out the requirements and costs for infrastructure and support after rollout. 

Interested founders should contact Learn More

 Construction Technology – VP Sales Opportunity

Sensera Systems, a Golden company whose CEO has mentored a variety of local startups, is helping reinvent the $10 trillion construction industry with innovative IoT hardware and cloud software solutions. They are now hiring a VP of Sales who will spearhead the development of the sales organization to support the next stage of their growth. This currently involves an inside sales team and an enterprise sales team calling on commercial construction general contractors.

If you know a proven sales leader who has demonstrated success in an emerging technology/startup environment, please refer them to  Applicants may submit their qualifications here.

 Improving the Environment and Mining Economics

The Mining Department at the School of Mines is exploring opportunities for research and commercialization to recycle waste generated by the mining, mineral processing and metallurgical industries.  These include gases, sludges, mine waste, ore processing tailings and leach residues, fly ash and slags.  In addition to the mineral values lost, the disposal of these materials creates substantial economic and environmental costs.
Better waste recycling and utilization can conserve energy, reduce environmental impact and reduce waste disposal costs while potentially increasing mineral production and creating the opportunity to develop new materials.
During this discovery phase of the project, team members are talking with experts in a variety of related fields, including mining, basalt fiber and tailings.  If you have expertise in this or a related area that might be of value, please email us, and we’ll connect you.

 Thank you for your continued support of the entrepreneurial activities and education in Golden and throughout Jefferson County.